How to Make the Most of a Washing Machine?

Washing your clothes by hand can take up a lot of your time, hence people use washing machines. Laveuse LG makes the laundry routine go easy on you and is an enjoyable experience as well. But we are risking damage to our clothes as well as the machine itself if we are not aware of how to use the washer properly or making the appropriate settings on the machine. We have listed some handy tips for you.

  1. Understanding the symbols

The number: When the wash symbol showcases a number, then it denotes the temperature of the wash. Natural fabric can shrink easily in hot washes, cotton can be washed in hotter temperatures to make sure they are clean. Heavy duty cottons may need a 95 degree.

The line: below the number, you can see a horizontal line. This is associated with the garment’s fabric and the cycle needed for the particular material.

  1. Do’s and don’ts

Do classify itself made from similar materials together as they will need similar detergent, settings and temperature.

Do wash them on the basis of color. After a few washes, colored fabrics will fade but new clothes with dark colors and high level of dye ruin the whites and other light colored clothes.

Don’t tempt yourself to overload your washing machine, even if you have a load of clothes to address. Overloading can offset the balance which will fail at the spin cycle and leaving you with sopping wet clothes.

Don’t think adding more detergent than needed to get your clothes clean. If your clothes are stiff, smell of soap and have flecks of powder on them, you are overusing the detergent.

  1. Using various washing machine settings

To make the most of the washing machine, get to know the tricks of working with the settings and cycles and explore how it can be beneficial for you. For instance, a regular spin cycle is too intense for delicate garments. When it comes to washing the delicate clothing with a moderate or gentle cycle, consider this the best option. Less movement in the spin cycle means lesser the risk of fabric snagging. Gentle cycles are also ideal for embroidered clothes that can unravel in the normal wash. When it comes to drying your clothes, note that some fabrics cannot be dried in a dryer, no matter what. Also, prevent drying the clothes that aren’t completely cleaned as the heat can stick the ground in stains and making it harder to wash them out.