Garden is the closest place for you to interact with nature. Moreover, with wooden furniture, you can enhance the atmosphere even more. Choosing what kind of wooden items may be confusing because there are so many choices you can pick. Don’t worry since the solution to this problem is picking teak garden furniture. There are reasons why you should choose this stuff, which is going to be discussed in this article

Teak Garden Furniture: Great Wood Made Into Great Furniture

Before talking about the furniture itself, we need to talk about the country where the majority of them were made. Indonesia is a country located in Southeast Asia. It is the center of teak timber production because of its perfect climate. Indonesia’s teak is considered to have the highest quality among other countries’ teak. This is because of their refined planting techniques and wood selections that were perfected over many generations. That’s why Indonesia furniture is widely demanded both locally and internationally, whether it’s teak or other wooden products.

These refined skills continue in its teak furniture manufacturers. The woodworking skills of Indonesian craftsmen are developed over many generations. Many of the signature woodwork style in teak furniture were conceived in Indonesia. These woodwork styles are then adapted to many of their products to cater to modern furniture trends. That’s why you will see authentic Indonesian teak furniture which has “classic” touch that differentiates them between other teak furniture. Although, many manufacturers also made designs that have no correlation towards traditional woodwork styles whatsoever.

Teak itself is a great wood to be used in furniture. Considering its one of the most used wood type in many Indonesia furniture, there are 2 main reasons. Firstly, it is one of the most durable woods that can be used for furniture. There are many pieces of furniture that lasted for many decades, even when it was put outside. The second reason is because of its easy customizability, making it perfect for any designs.

The teak outdoor furniture produced by Indonesian craftsmen is special in many ways. It revels in its simplicity, but also has an elegant style that almost no other wood can replicate. The most common type of cut is in small plank. These small planks create a uniform yet abstract feeling in the furniture colors. And with small planks, the furniture creates a small silhouette but still feel very rigid and premium. In Indonesian outdoor furniture, you almost always see wicker incorporated in them. Combination of wicker and teak creates a more traditional and down to earth looking furniture.

If you’re wondering about the cost, then don’t worry because they’re almost always affordable. Its because they’re made from wood grown domestically with cheap furniture manufacturers. But don’t associate the price with the quality, because it’s the most demanded furniture for this exact reason. The price and quality are the best, making their product a prime target for exporters and wholesalers. So if you’re looking to purchase new patio sets, then search for that made in Indonesia tag so you will get the best price and quality.