To strive and thrive with the rising summer temperatures, your AC unit needs to be made most of but this may also be reflected on your energy bills as well. As a matter of fact, most of the energy consumption is resulted from the use of air conditioning in every home. But, this is also possible that you might be using your climatiseur carrier in a wrong way which in turn, affects its effectiveness and efficiency. Here are a few of the mistakes to steer clear from.

  1. Not closing the curtains and blinds

The numero uno enemy of your AC unit is the sun rays. Big windows, particularly the ones facing south absorb all the extra sun and heat when they are not properly shaded. When you slide the curtains and shut the blinds down, you will also end up protecting your indoor spaces from the excruciating heat of the sun. Hence, always keep your windows covered by all means in the day time to prevent your AC to overwork.

  1. Cooling empty rooms

Determine the number of rooms being in use frequently and the number of times it is cooled. Notice if you are cooling any unused room. It is always a good idea to not cool the unused rooms like the guest rooms. Keeping your AC vents open in every room in your house may impact your energy bills significantly. So, just have a look around your house and if the AC vents are open in the unused rooms, close them. Also, do not forget to close the closet doors to make sure that these spaces are not absorbing the cold air.

  1. Still using old air filters

The most important component of any AC unit is the air filter. Filthy air filters can cause significantly poor air quality in your home. They also raise your energy bills to the paramount by a whopping 15 percent, it also degrades the quality and lifespan of your system. So, it is always considered the best practice to change the air filters on your AC unit at least once in three months or every month on the basis of how often you use your AC unit. By using new air filters, you can save yourself a lot of money. The best part here is that these air filters are super affordable. If your AC unit has a ductless system, then you can wipe your filters with the help of a rag.